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Rules and Regulations of the Better Business Breakfast group.

  1. These Rules are subsidiary to the Constitution.
  2. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays in February, March, April, May, September, October and November. Meetings are held on the first Thursday only in January, June, July, August and December.
  3. Meetings are held in the Dunbrody Captain’s Table Restaurant New Ross.
  4. Meetings are designed to develop trust and friendships between each other.
  5. Members are to share a small amount about their business, no “hard sell” and to take about a minute
  6. Peer to peer learning; using shared real experiences from our day to day work.
  7. Share positive or negative experiences within your work and look for support and or encouragement on moving forward.
  8. Share how you overcame and dealt with certain issues so we can all grow and learn.
  9. All members are encouraged to meet and chat after breakfast to foster good business networking or between meetings.
  10. A guest speaker from either outside the group or inside the group to present at each meeting for 15-20 minutes. This speaker’s agenda is aimed at offering the members business important advice and ideas while also giving the speaker a chance to promote their own business.
  11. It is vital that all members are given the opportunity to speak and to be heard. This is to be achieved through good communication and respect.
  12. Any referrals and business passed will be shared with in the group from meeting to meeting, to give a clear idea of the support for each business.
  13. You or your business or work must be from New Ross District.
  14. You must attend at least 4 meetings each year (01st May – 30th April) to be included in the full range of publicity available including; website, bookmark, membership logo with the relevant year displayed on it etc.
  15. You must adhere to these Rules and the Constitution of the Better Business Breakfast Group and sign your acceptance of them.
  16. Registration and sign in for meetings commences at 7.45am. Meetings will commence at 7:55am – 9am
  17. Everything that is shared in these meetings is for the groups benefit only and is not to be discussed outside the group.
  18. Any use of the Better Business Breakfast Group, name, symbol, web site etc. must be passed at a meeting before using.
  19. All advertising of group events must be passed through the Better Business Breakfast Group Executive.
  20. Personal Business events should not be created on the Better Business Breakfast Group Facebook pages. Just use the post to let the group members know.
  21. If members are designing anything to do with the Better Business Breakfast Group each member takes responsibility and is responsible and liable for the information used correct or if you are included. This must always be done in writing on the relevant email.
  22. Failure to adhere to these Rules and the Constitution of the Better Business Breakfast Group may result in being refused entry or asked to leave.
  23. The cost of attending each meeting is €12.00.
  24. The Executive may appoint the following positions; Chairperson, Assistant Chairperson, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Social events Person, Administrator on social Media and/or Website.
  25. There is a cap on the amount spent with regard the remuneration for traveling, hotel and other expenses set out in the constitution in line with the civil service transport allowance.

All members must sign the rules and regulations to become a member of the Better Business Breakfast Group